Things To Cut Out Of Your Diet As A Senior

It can be very hard to cut bad foods out of your diet a lot of times because it is so hard to know what is good and bad for your body nowadays since everyone has a different view on what bad foods are and what good foods are. But the bottom line is that a food that is not as good for you are foods that are processed and come from a box and contain more than just one or two ingredients. A food that is better for you are foods that are whole which means that they grow from the ground or that they grow from a tree. These foods aren’t made in a factory and have clean things and are very good for your body. Unlike things that don’t just come from the ground and are highly processed and don’t contain a lot of things such as fiber and nutrients that are found in other whole foods.  Enroll in a 2019 medicare supplement plan to save money.

The first thing that you should be cutting out is like i said foods that aren’t a whole food you should not include it in your daily diet you should only have these foods in moderation and not on a daily basis. We are all human and it is so for sure okay to enjoy things in once in awhile so your body will be fine processing it. But if you are eating like this every single day then your body will start to store it for fat and you will begin to gain water weight and also weight in general. So just make sure to not be eating a lot of foods that aren’ whole like I said that way you won’t be gaining weight fast and your body won’t be storing a lot of fat and using carbs for you energy.

The next thing you should try to limit is dairy in your diet since it has a lot of saturated fats and fats in general. Although your body does need some fats you don’t need very much at all if you aren’t on a high fat diet. But if you are on a high fat diet then you are fine to eat some cheese but not a lot of it because it can be bad for you if you are eating too much of it. Although everything is good in moderation this isn’t something that should be a staple in your daily diet. Just make sure that you have a good balance in your diet and try to include every food group and have your main focus of your diet be veggies and some fruits and proteins. Add a little bit of fat.